Data Sources

Source Data

The maps and vegetation classification information you will find in Trees Near Me NSW are sourced from the Integrate BioNet Vegetation Data Program This program provides a trusted foundation to many NSW Government planning and decision systems.

State Vegetation Map

The maps you will find in Trees Near Me NSW are from the NSW State Vegetation Type Map.

The State Vegetation Type Map represents the most complete and consistent information about the distribution of Plant Community Types (PCTs) across NSW; benefitting landholders, planners and local communities. Access the source map on the SEED (Sharing and Enabling Environmental Data) Portal here

BioNet Vegetation Classification Data

Information about NSW vegetation communities is maintained in the BioNet Vegetation Classification application, and made available via Bionet Web Services. BioNet offers descriptions of Plant Community Types (PCT), the master community-level typology used in NSW planning and assessment tools and vegetation mapping and management programs. Access the source data via the SEED (Sharing and Enabling Environmental Data) Portal here

SEED (Sharing and Enabling Environmental Data portal)

SEED has been developed with and for the community of NSW, as a central place for everyone to find data about the NSW environment. It is a web-based portal where the community and government come to access, interrogate, contribute, and share NSW environmental data. SEED streamlines the discoverability and accessibility of environmental data, which ultimately empowers evidence-based decision making and increased trust through greater transparency.

Search for ‘SVTM’ to discover other products associated with the State Vegetation Type Map program,

Suggest changes or updates

SEED has improved the way you can provide feedback, allowing users to submit more detailed feedback or suggestions on the datasets, tools or SEED portal. You can also provide comprehensive feedback, or proposed improvements on existing datasets. This can be done directly via the ‘Provide Feedback’ tool on the SEED map where you have your data layer area of interest loaded. Provide feedback at


Maps in the Trees Near Me app are provided by MapBox.

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